1. The list is out! The top baby names for 2015 have been revealed and Amelia and Oliver are on top!

    Top Baby Names for 2015

    Now even if you’re a list-hater (popular names are so just so un-cool) you can’t deny the pull-factor of ‘top 10’; you don’t mean to but you kind of want to look anyway…so (woop!) here it is (we’re not judging): Continue reading →

  2. Would you let someone pay to name your child? As ridiculous (and tacky) as it sounds, bribing parents in a bid to have baby naming rights is an actual thing.

    Letting Grandpa Choose Your Baby Name -- For a Price

    Frank Hudock came close to accepting such an offer when his grandparents insisted he bestow his firstborn son with the same title that had been handed down for generations: yup, you guessed it – Frank. Continue reading →

  3. If you’re planning on getting pregnant, a new study suggests timing your due date to fit in with the summer season – for a healthier, stronger baby.

    Summer Babies Grow Up to be Healthier Adults, says Study

    Recent research, conducted by the Cambridge University, has revealed that babies born in sunnier months grow up to be more physically robust than other adults. The study involved nearly half a million participants and found that summer-born babies were slightly heavier at birth, taller as adults, and entered puberty later than those born in winter. Continue reading →

  4. Children are not known for their patience; nor are most of us adults, if we’re honest. So in a ridiculously hurried, harried world, with its corresponding societal sentiment of instant gratification, Kevin Henkes’ new book, Waiting, couldn’t be more of a poignant lesson for little ones — and their grownups, too.

    The Storybook that Teaches Kids How to Wait...Patiently Continue reading →

  5. The three principle requirements of any baby led weaning recipe is that the food should be easy to grip, easy to eat, and delicious-nutritious. Sweet potato fries totally tick all these boxes. What’s more, they make for a yummy side dish for a full-on family feast, so everyone can enjoy them — not just the little one!

    Baked Sweet Potato Fries - a Healthy BLW Spin on a Classic Fave!

    Orange-fleshed spuds have got over 400% of the RDA for vitamin A in one medium potato, as well as loads of fibre and potassium. Continue reading →