1. You carry them from conception to birth, for nine long, long months, and see them into this world through a labour of love, sweat and tears.

    Mums told to let dads be more involved in raising boys

    By virtue of the mere physiological intimacy alone, it’s safe to say, that, as a mum, you probably know your little one better than anyone.

    Including Dad.

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  2. Dragging around a tiny person’s ridiculous cargo-load of accoutrements is an unchangeable duty of parenthood – so when you’ve got little ones in tow, leaving your house becomes a full-scale mission requiring all the tactical skill of a military operation.

    The Dad changing bag - it ain't pretty!

    By the time you’ve managed to exit your front door, you’ve got more luggage for a five minute trip to the store than one would for a 6 week vacation to the North Pole.

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  3. As parents, nobody knows better than us that time flies by – way too fast.

    Five tips for taking AWESOME photos of your kids

    Capturing those ephemeral moments of childhood on camera is the closest we can get to preserving the memories; but the precise mood and magic before the lens is often lost because (let’s be real, here) most of us don’t know what we’re doing.

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  4. So The Boss has written a picture book. And good news for fans; Outlaw Pete, with its robberies, pistols, ponies, knives and murders – all beneath the burning sun, is pure Springsteen.

    Bruce Springsteen writes a story book - but maybe not for kids

    The protagonist (a nappy-wearing, ten gallon hat-toting 6-month-old) of Springsteen’s story may be just a tot, but the Americana rocker has done little to dilute his style of wildly epic narratives and common-man commentary for young readers.

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  5. Swedish photographer Lennart Nilsson spent over a decade documenting “the drama of life before birth”, through a series of captured images in-utero.

    The drama of life before birth: incredible images within the womb

    The result is a breathtaking colour essay on life’s phenomenon – in all its beautiful, mind-blowing complexity.

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