1. We’ve talked about the ‘Kate Effect’, we’ve also talked about the ‘Prince George Effect’ …and just in case you need proof of the country’s obsession with what these two fabulous royals are wearing, a new survey my My1styears.com tells the tale.

    Six hundred people were asked to name their best-dressed royal and George came out tops.

    Next on the list was his lovely mum the Duchess of Cambridge, with Queen E in third place and Princess Beatrice, Prince Harry, the Countess of Wessex, and Wills following in consecutive order.

    Mums all over the place are mimicking George’s fabulous wardrobe – I mean, in all honesty, who can resist a baby in dungarees?

    Kate has transposed and translated her classic modern princess style in the form of boy clothes, clones of which are selling like hotcakes. Continue reading →

  2. Hot weather in England is welcomed with open arms and happy hearts. The inclination is to flock to the sun, worshipping its rays as if they were the last bit of natural light one might see weeks…months…years even. Right!?

    I know that especially when the sun is out I am bustling my family into the great outdoors – whether it’s garden time at home or fabulous adventures into town and yonder. 

    Not to kill the summer spirit or anything but there is, however, a thing about lovely hot weather – and that thing is dehydration. Babies and small children are not as good at regulating their body temperature and are consequently sensitive to fluid loss.

    It’s up to us to help our babies keep cool, and in the fun and games of warm weather it’s really easy to be negligent when it comes to topping our kids up with water.

    So basically, dehydration happens when the body loses more water than it takes in. The signs of dehydration in babies might be: sleepiness, not as many wet nappies, dry mouth, fewer or no tears when crying, mottled skin…

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  3. Brushing teeth is one of the great woes of childhood. In general, children are not fans. But on the plus side we are lucky enough to be part of a modern world that prides itself on a plethora of gadgets and gizmos aimed at making money life easier. On that note…

    One clever little invention that is designed to make the whole brushing teeth thing a tad less woeful is the Oral Care Rabbit by MAM.

    Most experts suggest introducing baby to a toothbrush asap – let them play with it, chew on it and consequently learn how it operates so it’s not a big shock when you suddenly inert said brush into babs’s moth and start scraping their little gums.

    MAM’s rabbit glove allows you to start good oral hygiene habits right from birth!

    No parent is likely to stick a toothbrush into the mouth of their newborn baby…but a finger – that might just work!

    The rabbit glove is fits on the hand (two fingers to be exact; ring- and fore-finger) – its ears are made from special microfibres that remove bacteria and thus clean baby’s mouth. The idea is to massage baby’s gums – much like one would do with a toothbrush.

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  4. It seems like babies are always teething; the majority of the time you see a mum with a miserable baby, she’ll tell you that teething is the culprit.

    Their little faces flush, they gnaw on anything and everything they can get their hands on, and their pain-infused fussing is relentless. It’s enough to drive both you and babs insane!

    But there are things that you can do!

    Three children later, one of whom is currently suffering some teething woes, I have figured out five fail-safe must haves to help teething in babies, that make teething a whole lot less horrible.

    • Teething gel/powder – numbs the gums. I suspect that there are times when the gel or powder (brand irrelevant) that you have chosen to use does not work, in which case; a stronger painkiller (speak to your GP) might be in order, especially if your baby’s sleep is being affected – a tired teether is no fun at all!
    • Teething ring – babes often find gnawing on a teething ring/toy comforting – it seems to ease the teething pain and also provides a useful distraction.
    • Bib – if your baby is a dribbler, a bib will come in handy! Continue reading →
  5. So, another one of those parenting debates is: whether or not it’s okay to kiss your tot on the lips. For some parents, this is a really obvious thing to do but for others it’s a little uncomfortable.

    In one corner of the ring we have mums who love nothing better than a sloppy smack on the lips and in the other corner is a more stoic type of mum who feels that the intimacy of a lip-kiss should be kept for a mate, never mind the germ issues associated with mouth-to-mouth contact. It’s like Italy versus England.  

    Like many debates in parenting circles, there is not really a right or a wrong. Culture has a lot to do with it but so too does modern society.

    The world in which we live has become so hyper-sexual that breastfeeding mums rarely manage to avoid the ‘but that’s not what boobs are for’ looks from disgusted passers-by – a mum kissing a child on the mouth could also induce the same sort of reaction. Ridiculous? – Who’s to judge?

    Do what you’re comfortable with. We are definitely a family of kissers. I kiss my children on the mouth – because I love them.

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