1. It’s no secret that babies in utero pick on a mum’s stress; there have been a mass of studies that say as much. But there has never photographic evidence…until now!

    Researchers from Durham and Lancaster universities have photographic evidence of unborn babies using their hands (touch) to soothe away the anxieties that they are picking up from their mums.

    As part of the study 15 mothers-to-be were given 4D ultrasound scans four times during their pregnancy. The participating mums were questioned on their stress levels in the month leading up to the scan.

    The videos were then analysed, and researchers found that the more stressed out the mum, the more the unborn baby touched its forehead – a similar gesture to that of an anxious adult mopping his brow.

    Interestingly, the babies of anxious mums used their left hand most open to touch their faces.

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  2. A new survey by Mumsnet has revealed that only 13 per cent of working mums feel guilty about not being at home with the kids. Not only that but almost half (48 per cent) of mums polled said that having a paid job made them happier.

    Although juggling work and family is incredibly difficult, mums are more content in the chaos.

    A third of the stay at home mums participating in the poll would prefer to work and 52 per cent of mums felt that staying at home with the kids was tougher than a day at the office.

    This suggests that work can sometimes be an escape for mums – a chance to breathe and concentrate on something other than whose turn it is to push the ‘stop’ button on the bus home from school. When life become all about the kids, it’s easy for mums to forget about the other facets that comprise their personality; having a job adds another character dimension.

    Not only that, but being paid to work is genuinely fulfilling; it feels good to be able to contribute financially as well as practically and emotionally.

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  3. The ironic thing about baby gifts is that the tiny life receiving the carefully thought out bequest that you have selected and presented, will, in all likelihood, never even know that you gave it, or what it was.

    In fact, baby gifts are often more about mum and dad than baby – I know that when my children receive gifts it sort of feels like I am getting a present too.

    There is, however, one way around the unavoidable anonymity of a baby gift; an heirloom gift – something that lasts beyond days and months… something that withstands years and doesn’t date by virtue of that fact that it’s a keepsake. Heirlooms make the best baby gifts!

    There are loads of lovely heirloom-type gifts that populate the web – JK Keepsake is one such brand. Inspired by the idea of passing something on with love, JK Keepsake creates handmade baby gifts that will be handed on (and down) as heirlooms.

    The ‘littleones’ keepsakes collection features cowboy-style gingham bibs, bunny hats, socks, rompers and joggers – all lovely but to remain as keepsakes, things that could only be worn a couple of times (babies are messy, spewy little creatures at the best of times).

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  4. The thing about babies is that they’re so darn cute – who wouldn’t want to dress ‘em up and show ‘em off? Some mums bedeck their little ones in designer garb, others do personalised jumpers and some can’t resist those cute little baby converse even if the last only about a week.

    My guilty pleasure when it comes to ridiculous things parents do to fashion-up their babies is hair.

    As soon as my very bald first child sprouted a hair, I bought the teensiest clips I could find and clipped said strand with no shame at all. My second child, who so happened to be born with a very black mop on her head (yay!), has been decorated since birth, and my four-month-old son is currently the proud owner of a (dyed) red Mohican –hair putty and all.

    I’m probably a little eccentric when it comes to dressing my children but there are mums out there who are a lot more sensible than I – rather than observe and deny, they observe and apply.

    Baby gift store My 1st Years recently revealed the results of a poll in which UK mums named the stylish celebrity babies of 2014, that rank high on the trend-o-metre. The winner will come as no surprise; Prince George – duh! Traditional as pie. And those cheeks, who can resist?

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  5. So we all know that alcohol is a suggested no-no during pregnancy. There is some debate around a cheeky glass of red a couple of times a week but the hardtack liquor found in the likes of cocktails is not likely a good idea.

    Which is why mocktails have become a great favourite among pregnant women who like to participate in the social aspect of drinking without compromising their baby in any way.

    Mocktails, or mock cocktails – those that do not contain any alcohol, are great for serving the entire family and a nice alternative for party guests who prefer not to drink alcohol.

    More and more bars and restaurants seem to be including mocktails on the menu, as the trend grows in popularity. But if a home-grown party is on the cards, or perhaps a baby shower, impart.com’s 50+ Most Popular Mocktail app is a must!

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