1. When it comes to parenting, saying “NO” is not about being a party-pooper – it’s about using our prerogative as responsible guardians over our children.

    But while we have the best intentions when we’re dishing out that two-letter word, the fact is that we’re using it too much.

    Five Alternatives to Saying "NO" to Our Kids

    Obviously, it’s important to learn boundaries, and NO facilitates that, but be too quick with NO in all manner of scenarios, and it loses its power for when things are really serious.

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  2. Most public transportation systems kindly ask passengers to give up their seats for those who are pregnant.

    Clever Posters Remind Passengers to be Polite to Pregnant Women

    But if you’ve ever hitched a ride on a bus, train or tram with a baby bump in tow, you’ll know that some fellow travellers can be selectively blind to your condition.

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  3. While tidal waves of nausea and countless hours spent staring into a toilet bowl can make early pregnancy near-unbearable, morning sickness is simply par for the course – and totally normal.

    12 Tips to Ease Morning Sickness

    The bad news is that no remedy will completely eradicate those unpleasant symptoms related to hormonal surges; but the good news is that you’ll (usually) begin to feel better after the first trimester.

    As you start the countdown, here are some ways to help you cope when you wanna hug the porcelain, courtesy of BabyCentre.co.uk:

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  4. Many of us feel less than our best when pregnant. Perpetually sweaty and uncomfortable, our ‘glowing’ visage blotched with brown spots, and every move restricted by an unwieldy, Mr. Blobby-esque physique…it ain’t pretty.

    Top 5 Tips for Taking Beautiful Pregnancy Photos

    No wonder the mere mention of the word ‘photo!’, has a multitude of mums-to-be running (or waddling) for the hills.

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  5. I’m gonna be honest, here. It’s awesome that the trend for celebrating real women’s bodies, particularly post-birth, is catching on. It truly is. And nobody needs a self-esteem boost quite like an exhausted mum in the middle of newborn maelstrom. But that doesn’t make me a-okay with the prospect of more folds, rolls and nifty skin pockets a la Jabba the Hutt, or extra stretch marks to add to my already generous collection, or a pair of mammaries worthy of a National Geographic special – should I feel the desire to procreate once more.

    Exercise During Pregnancy: When, Why and How

    Now, I don’t have a huge problem with my pregnancy-pummelled physique, but the human body – and my self-image – is only so forgiving; if I have another bambino, I don’t want to be hating on my reflection from here to eternity.

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