5 Ways to Get Rid of Your Old Baby Stuff

Baby days over? Time to move the landfill of outgrown clothes, toys, no longer necessary gadgets and miscellaneous ‘must-haves’ (that you probably hardly used). Here’s five easy ways to get it done.


Pass it on 

Don’t leave perfectly good baby gear to moulder away in a dusty crawl space; pay it forward by passing on to loved ones. If you are partial to giving to charity instead, just remember that charities don’t always accept certain baby items, like baby bottles, change mats or jolly jumpers—so save these for expecting fam and pals.

Give to charity

Charity organisations can always put secondhand baby products to great use; think toys, books, cots, baby clothes and blankets. And don’t toss stained or tatty bedding you think charities won’t take in—animal shelters will be especially grateful for this kind of donation!

List online

Turn your unused baby stash into cash by putting pics up on eBay. Alternatively, embrace your inner altruist and upload onto Freecycle (you may even spot a steal for yourself while you’re on there!).


Some things can be tough to sell or pass on; if you’ve got a spare Saturday, jump down the rabbit Pinterest hole and look for upcycling inspo—think turning a cot into a desk, old plastic dinos into planters, or a changing table into a bric-a-brac display area.


Glass bottles can easily go into the council recycling bins—but here’s a less banal recycle scheme: H&M offers to recycle ( https://about.hm.com/en/sustainability/get-involved/recycle-your-clothes.html ) your old clothing and fabrics (any condition!) in return for a discount voucher. The recycled bits will be used to make creations for the H&M Conscious range. Burp cloths in exchange for a little shopping trip? Brilliant, right?

Via babyology ( http://babyology.com.au/parenting/parenting-essentials/clear-the-clutter-5-ways-to-get-rid-of-all-that-baby-stuff-you-no-longer-need.html )

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