8 Tips for Tackling Nappy Changes

Bum changing heroes are not born—they’re made. If you want to be inducted into this elite club of derriere hygiene masters, get familiar with the golden rules.

Nappy change


Nappy changes are the least glamorous of parenting responsibilities—if there is indeed anything glamourous about parenting; so it’s unlikely you and your partner will be racing each other to the changing table. Regardless, it’s important to divvy up the changing labour before baby comes along—to avoid arguments mid-poopsplosion. If you and baby daddy prefer things structured, Fatherly suggests splitting nappy duty between night and day, between weekdays and weekends, or, if mum is at home with baby, then dad takes over whenever he’s around to do it.

Size is Just a Guideline

Babies aren’t born on an assembly line, so obviously, not one size (nappy) will fit all—for example, some newborns are slim, while others have rounder bellies. The rule of thumb is to use manufacturers’ sizing as a guideline, and that when fastened, a nappy must have enough space for parents to fit a finger between the waist and the baby easily. At the same time, nappies should also fit snugly around the legs.

Leg Ruffles aren’t Just Cute

Ruffles should always be pulled out for maximum cuteness—as well as for their actual purpose: preventing leakage down the legs!

Stay Prepared

Any seasoned parent will attest to the fact that a nappy emergency can strike at any moment—so be prepared. Have your wipes, nappies, and any other changing necessities accessible at home (think multiple changing stations around the house) and on-the-go.

Keep Secure

Changing tables are great for saving parents’ backs, but there’s also a degree of safety risk—so never leave your baby unattended. And even if you’re right there, keep one hand on your little one when reaching for the wipes (which should be on-hand, anyway).

Not Any Old Wipe

Newborns’ skin is super-sensitive; opt for fragrance free wipes to avoid irritating their especially delicate derrieres. Use the scented ones for wiping down the changing mat.

Bonding Time

Before baby arrives, nappy changing might be less than appealing, but you’ll probably be surprised to find that the changing table/mat is the perfect place to bond with your bundle; use the opportunity to talk to and share smiles with your baby—both of you aren’t going anywhere for a good few minutes, so enjoy them!

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