British Parents Will Reach Their Breaking Point this Summer, Says Survey

According to a recent poll, by the beginning of August—just a few weeks in to the school holidays—British mums and dads would have already pulled the last straw of sanity; after an average of 17 tantrums, 19 renditions of the refrain “I’m bored”, and approximately 15 sibling spats over “who had it first”.

Frustrated Mum

The Legoland Discovery Centre survey of 1,500 parents revealed the 8th of August to be the breaking point for patience. The steady ascent to losing it preceded by an average of seven local park visits, giving in to begging for sweets seven times, nine for ice-cream, and ten for crisps.

On trips to the seaside, families also enjoyed 14 backseat squabbles, and up to 13 arguments between beleaguered mums and dads.

55 percent of British parents longed for more on offer for kids during the summer break, while 35 percent claimed their offspring were “bored with everything on offer” in their locale—but risked all day battles if they stayed home.

So…how’s your school hols been?

Via babylondon 

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