Fascinating Phrases for Getting Pregnant from Around the World

Being pregnant is an incredible, exciting thing; but euphemisms for the ‘condition’–mostly borne out of a time when reproductive talk was taboo—persist. Babycenter has collated some of the more interesting phrases people in different countries use to say they’re pregnant.

Pregnant belly


“Se retrouver enciente” – translated as ‘finding yourself’ pregnant. As in…”Whoops”…?


“Shwanger”, derived from Middle High German, doesn’t pretty things up; it literally means heavy, or clumsy.


Opting for modesty, Indian women often choose one of two indirect expressions: “I’m going to be a mother'” or “There’s some good news”. A pregnant woman in India may also indicate her pregnancy by expressing a certain craving.


The Russian phrase for being pregnant is less couched in niceties than its Indian counterpart; translated as “carrying a burden”—during that last trimester, many mums the world over would surely concur.


The Spanish “estoy encinta” means “without girding”—as in, expecting mothers in the past ditching their girdles so as not to impede the burgeoning belly.

Not necessarily all the most complimentary turns of phrase, but they sure beat up the duff, don’t they?

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