Mum Blogger Gets Shamed for Her Grocery Shopping (Really)

Australian mummy blogger Constance Hall is known for no-nonsense straight-talking…but mum-shaming is so relentless, it can cripple even the toughest amongst us—and for the most mundane of things, like the contents of a shopping trolley.

Grocery shopping

For real.

Mum of four, Hall recently shared a sweet pic of daughter, Snow, ‘assisting’ the grocery shopping with her multitude of Facebook fans.
The photo was captioned:

“Me: ‘Going to Woolies, got a lot to buy so no kids are coming.’
Snow: ‘cool story.’”

Snow evidently was having none of staying home while mum had all the super fun that is to be had doing to the weekly aisle dash, and came along for the joyride.

Cute, harmless little anecdote, right?

A legion of parent-police apparently had other ideas, barraging Hall with attacks on everything from her supposed lack of fresh produce, and her sacrilege purchase of instant noodles, to the way she was stacking her cart (“You’re squishing your bread,”…“My ocd cannot handle the way that [grocery cart] was stacked.”).

Hall, in typical fashion, could not let things lie, posting this sarky response to all the ridic criticism:

“Getting mum judged on your anti mum judging page. Then everyone attacks the judgey mum even though you’re an advocate for women sticking together. And if I was to drink the stiff bottle of scotch that this thread made me want to drink I’d be judged for that.” She went on to say, “The bananas and celery and carrots and potatoes and onions and garlic and mandarins and apples aren’t visible in this picture — wasn’t thinking about [grocery cart] angles, I also buy a lot of fruit from the markets and [her partner’s] mum is bringing us fresh fruit from her trees today. Should I post the receipt?”

To date, over 9K people have liked the photo–and reacted in support.

A US survey recently revealed that two-thirds of the 475 mothers polled had suffered the sting of mum-shaming. Interestingly—or perhaps not–56 percent of the mums claimed to have sworn off judging others after facing unwarranted critique themselves.

People will always judge—it’s the way of the species; determining your own sense of worth measured up against others.

Still, while social media may have exacerbated the shaming practice to viral proportions, the good news is that the shamers themselves are getting as much bad press for their inane contributions to society…If you have nothing nice to say, don’t hit ‘Enter’…or at least use a pseudonym to hide behind—oh wait, you already did…

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