The New IKEA Ad…That is Also a Pregnancy Test?!

In an ingenious/mildly insane bid to promote the new Sundvik crib, IKEA has released a magazine ad that you have to urinate on–to show you’re pregnant (and then win a secret discount).


Homeware behemoth IKEA is renowned for its innovative, avant garde use of minimal materials; this time the Swedish brand’s signature creativity has been extended to developing a paper pregnancy test–using the same technology found in standard pregnancy tests.

The point?

Find a copy of the Sundvik crib ad, dot a couple drops of urine onto the ‘test area’ and wait a minute or so for the big promo reveal–being the Sundvik crib 50% discount (if you’re indeed preggo, of course).

The downside? You have to be a member of Ikea’s loyalty program before you enter. You also have to get your hands on the Amelia Magazine to find the ad–which is only available in Sweden. What could trump missing out on a cheaper crib, however, is if you’re a Sweden-based IKEA employee–pretty soon you’ll be handling a wad of pee-soaked coupons.

Via fatherly

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