Top Tips for Soothing Teething Niggles Naturally

Teething is a total pain – for tots and mums. If you’re looking for safe ways to soothe your little one’s beleaguered gummies, here’s six tips to help:

Teething baby

Gum Massage

No gadgets, gizmos or potions required – simply press a clean finger gently against baby’s sore gums to ease discomfort.

Cold Spoon

Chill a spoon in the fridge (not the freezer!) and apply the rounded back to inflamed gums.

Cold Washcloth

Chill or freeze a wet washcloth, and let baby bite down on it (you can also soak it in breast milk, or chamomile tea, to help maximise the soothing effect).

Wooden Teether

Most teething toys proliferating the market tend to be plastic; but plastic can contain unsafe chemicals – even if it’s labelled as ‘BPA -free’. To provide your bub with the relief that gnawing on teethers can bring, opt for the wooden ones – many of which are finished with organic, antimicrobial oils.

Cold Fruit 

Tackle teething and snack-time in one go by popping cold slices of apple, or some frozen banana (or whatever fruit strikes your tot’s fancy) into a mesh feeder.


Sometimes the most effective analgesic is the art of distracting; bathtime, storytime, tummy tickles…any change of scene can help bubs forget the ordeal of cutting teeth – if only for some temporary respite.


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