The Unicorn Diffuser: For Magic Sleep!

Diffusers may not be a necessity, but they definitely make long nights with stuffy noses and tickly throats plenty easier. In the same way, unicorns are not a must-have, but they are the stuff of magic—why wouldn’t you want one (or *ahem* twenty) in your home? Even better—why not combine the practical usefulness of a diffuser with the mythical creature to justify one more in your rainbow menagerie?

Unicorn Diffuser

Thanks to the sparkly power of exploitative consumerism (no complaints here), Elodie the Unicorn has been made manifest in our midst—or is that mist?

The kettle-like Elodie not only shoots out a gentle, humidifying mist from her horn (where else?!), but lights up in an array of obligatory rainbow colours. Moisturise. Mesmerise.

The multitasking unicorn is also eco-conscious and safety aware, with timed auto-shut-off features. You can sprinkle a few drops of essential oils into her belly, too (check safe-for-baby essential oils list and usage here.

Elodie is USB powered—so you need never be apart—and also graces a whole product line, including mugs, planters and ramen bowls (because while this is about a diffuser, it’s really about unicorns).

Via babyology 

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