10 Bloomin’ Beautiful Summer Baby Names

Summer is here, and maybe you’ve a baby on the way, too. To celebrate your bundle’s birth season—or to simply keep the sunshine close on the rainy days—here are ten summery baby names that you might not have heard of.

Bloomin Beautiful Summer Baby Names


A golden name for boys and girls; the name heralds from Emperor Augustus Caesar—conjuring Mediterranean scenes of togas, laurel leaves and sandal weather, of course!


Derived from vintage English baby name Bertha, and also German for “bright”—diminutives are always ultra-precious.


Biblical in origin, the Garden of Eden, was  “a place of pleasure and delight.”


Literally translated as “a place for bees to stay”, what name befits the miracle of summer more?


A strong choice referencing the tall green trees with unusual and striking white bark.


Latin for “born in the sixth month”, with Juno (an ancient Roman goddess) as a close alternative.


Persian for “sun,” Latin for “light”, and a gorgeous name to bestow upon your little ray of sunshine.


A tranquil name for boys and girls that hints at relaxing days, but also untold depth.


A unisex title to bring on the beach vibes.


An English name whose meaning is obvious—“gardener”. Garden is also a quickly-catching option, and what name better captures an English summer than pottering around your own?

Via motherandbaby.