10 Cool Baby Names Inspired by Cars (Some Might Surprise You) 

The love of a shiny set of wheels spans far and wide; perhaps it’s the metaphor of speed, power, and freedom. Or maybe it’s a sensory thing–the bright colours, the slick surfaces, the leonine rumble of a V8…turns out parents dig cars so much they name their kids after them, too–and, incidentally, both automobile’s metaphor and sensory appeal is also descriptive of babies’ favourite things. Here are the top ten car-inspired baby monikers–muscle cars, smooth rides, classics…but no clunkers here–they’re all surprisingly perfect (and gorgeous!) for little speed racers…

Nice car


America’s most popular luxury automobile brand (and the surname of their fave president Abe).


Celluloid staple Ford Mustang’s high performance breed–and an unexpectedly pretty name for girls.


Name of a Chevrolet model–or a corny-but-cute reference to ‘cruise control’.


Famous sports car, but also derived from the Spanish name meaning ‘gracious gifts’. Big in the early 90s—but like its motor namesake, is too beautiful to ever go out of style.


A classic Australian car company–or, if literature is more your thing, the name of The Catcher in the Rye’s cool kid protagonist.


Japanese brand Toyota’s luxury division. It also just sounds kickass–and works for both lil’ guys and gals.


From the French, meaning ‘ward of the forest,’ and the big, burly vehicle line of the same name evokes an outdoorsy, adventurous feel, too.


Compact, zippy–Mini Coopers are a top favourite, and almost as cute as a compact, zippy tot. (As a pop culture aside, Cooper is also the name of Twin Peak’s special agent hero, Dale Cooper.)


Aston Martin is the official set of wheels for Bond. James Bond. What’s cooler than a super-spy reference?


Hallmark of the rich, and a pretty dapper-looking car, too. The name is taken from an English moniker meaning ‘meadow with course grass’–but today, thanks to the power of celeb, Bentley has a tad more horsepower behind it.

Via babyology