10 healthy snacks for toddlers

Keeping going from breakfast to lunch and then lunch to dinner time can be difficult for adults, let alone for toddlers! To keep a rapidly growing toddler’s tummy content and energy levels up it is important that they have a snack in between meals.

Although steer clear from giving your toddler  sweets, chocolates, biscuits and crisps as a snack and stick to healthier ones that will give his growing body that much needed nutrition. Here are 10 healthy snacks for toddlers.

healthy snacks for toddlers


According to Parents.com, one egg provides a toddler with almost a third of his daily protein requirements. Eggs are cheap, versatile, easy to cook and are healthy snacks for toddlers. Simply scramble an egg and put it in a wholemeal pitta bread and keep hungry mouths going to lunch time.

Sweet potatoes

Simply mash up some delicious sweet potatoes and, being packed with vitamin A, C and B6 this fluffy, colourful dish make a healthy kiddies’ snack.


Yoghurts provide an excellent source of calcium and come in all kinds of delicious flavours and colours. Choose a yoghurt that contains real pieces of fruit for added vitamins to help your toddler grow up big and strong!


Smoothies are fun, colourful, delicious and not to mention super healthy! Be adventurous with the smoothies you make for your child, or, better still, let him choose what fruits he wants in today’s smoothie concoction.


Raisins are packed with fibre and vitamins and are generally loved by children, especially when they come in their own little box!


The old saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” can definitely be applied to toddlers! Peel and chop an apple and there you have a super healthy snacks for toddlers that definitely won’t ruin his appetite for dinner.

Chopped carrots in Hummus dip

Kids, generally speaking love to dip! Chop some carrots into sticks and let your toddler dip away to his heart’s content into a dish of hummus – delicious, fun and healthy!

A bowl of cereal

Cereal such as Cornflakes, Rice Crispies and Weetabix are bulging with vitamins and fibre and with the milk for added calcium will fill those little tummies up with goodness until teatime.

Peanut butter

Peanut butter never fails to be a favourite among little ones and as it is bursting with fibre, protein and goodness, it makes a nutritious and tasty snack. Try putting it on some wholemeal toast or crackers for an extra wholesome mid-meal snack 


Whilst cheese is high in fat it is full of calcium and protein, perfect for growing bones! Make cheese more fun for kids by cutting it into shapes with a cookie cutter.