10 Ways to Soothe Your Crying Baby

Babies are anomalous beings, and the reasons behind their reactions to our world can often leave us confounded – especially when it comes to crying. Once little ones have been fed, changed, cuddled and put to bed, they’ll still find some invisible impetus to crank on the waterworks; but even though we may not always get why they do it (cry, that is), we can still help our babes chill out – for at least long enough to catch a breather before the next round of precipitation.

Crying baby

Check out these top ten ways, gleaned from mums and experts, to stop the tears:

  1. Try gently rubbing your baby’s forehead, focusing between her eyes, very slowly and lightly.
  2. Using motion along with soothing sounds can calm quickly; simultaneously rock and walk whilst speaking soft and low.
  3. Some little ones are soothed by gentle tapping on the back or bottom – try combine this with number two.
  4. Infants can easily become overstimulated – and then cranky. Cut the lights and turn down noise.
  5. Dad’s sonorous baritone and big, cuddly chest are good relaxants – hand babs over when you need a break.
  6. Swaddling can mimic the cosy confines of the womb; try it with one hand free if baby likes a hand to suck.
  7. Similarly to above, white noise machines can mimic the sounds of life inside Mum – switch on the hoover if you don’t have one of these – just as effective!
  8. Head outside. Sometimes little ones simply need a change of scene, and distraction can be the solution when they’re wound up.
  9. The meltdown could be related to something as basic as being too hot. An infant is generally most comfy in an environment that’s between 16°C and 23°C – remember to factor in the added heat from bedding and baby clothes.
  10. It may seem impossible, but keeping calm and peaceful while your baby’s crying is the biggest help. They’ve got inbuilt stress detectors and will ramp up the volume in response to your tension. Deep breaths, and smile – even if you’re faking it; babies are total sucker for a goofy grin.

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Via madeformums.com