120 days of baby-led weaning – video

There’s a video circulating the net that’s approximately 4 minutes’ worth of a baby munching his way through fruit and vegetables. And maybe some other stuff.

That’s it.

120 days of baby-led weaning - a video

What makes the clip cool, though, is that those 4 minutes of nom-nomming span over 120 days of baby led weaning meals. And it’s awesome to watch the natural development of skills and the transformation from trepidation to enthusiasm as this chubby cheeks is introduced to foods for the very first time.

For those not in the know, baby led weaning is, in short, an alternative to the purée-and-spoon tradition, allowing tots to choose their own food and eat independently – when they’re ready. The concept is based on the thinking that when babies initially encounter food, it’s hardly about eating; it’s about exploring.

For little ones just getting to know the world, food is the full sensory package; tastes, textures, smells and colours are ruminated upon and their information digested (if only sometimes in the figurative sense!). Wresting control from them during this important developmental stage can deny them the opportunity to learn about food in a meaningful way, distinctive to their unique methods of discovery.

Blogger and mum of two Chloe Bridge originally decided to document her son Rory’s mealtimes to show the sort of things a baby-led-weaned baby might eat, and how their eating organically progresses without intervention.

The project has obviously also become a sweet reminder for the mummy of a time in her lil’ guy’s babyhood, but for everyone else, it’s an insider view into what baby led weaning actually looks like – something that a lot of glossy, joyous-cherub-child-on-the-cover BLW books can’t quite communicate.

The verdict? Yes; baby led weaning is messy. But it’s also a lot more fun than making veg pulp every day.

Or eating it.

For more of Chloe’s mastications on parenting, check out her aptly titled blog Sorry About The Mess