15 factors to determine the perfect pushchair for you

A pram or pushchair, alongside a cot and a highchair, is one of the biggest and often most expensive purchases parents make in anticipation for their new arrival. No sooner are they a tiny baby in arms, they are sitting up, crawling and walking.

As babies grow extremely quickly and finding a pram or a pushchair that will cater for your rapidly growing baby is imperative to save you buying subsequent pushchairs. Below are 15 factors to determine the perfect pushchair for you.

 perfect pushchair

Adjustable handle height

* Easy to push, fold and manoeuvre

Lockable wheels at the front that can swivel

One hand release collapsible pushchair

Good suspension for those bumpy tracks and to handle kerbs

Multi-position seat that includes a lie-flat position for a newborn

Comfortable and ergonomic handles

The pushchair or pram needs to be strong with sturdy wheels so that it will be strong enough to deal with your baby’s increasing weight.

Your pushchair needs to be easy to steer, so don’t be afraid to take it on a ‘practise run’ in the shop before you buy it.

Make sure that the pram or pushchair is waterproof and comes with a detachable waterproof hood.

Ample size shopping tray

A reversible seat that can either face forwards or backwards so baby can face you as you push.

A detachable carry cot which baby can sleep in independent of the pram.

Optional accessories such as a baby for nappies that can be attached to the pushchair can be useful.

Ensure that the pram or pushchair reaches the relevant safety standards of the country it was purchased in.