2 Ingredient Breakfast Pancakes – For Real!

Nobody’s arguing that mornings are mayhem – especially with perpetually procrastinating and eternally ‘starving’ kids underfoot. But before you pick up that quick-fix, but not-so-healthy cereal in order to quell a riot, check out this ridiculously easy, super-nutritious brekkie of champions…


If you have literally 3 or 4 minutes in the am, you can whip up a batch of scrummy homemade pancakes that are good for the belly, easy on the tastebuds, and – bonus for beleaguered allergy-bub mamas – gluten free.

All you need to make the 2 Ingredient Banana Pancakes is a blender, skillet, two eggs and a banana. Then wham, bam, BREAKFAST IN A PAN.

(Eat this, Betty Crocker.)


1 Ripe Banana, sliced
2 Eggs


  1. Bung eggs and banana in the blender; blitz until smooth.
  2. Heat your pan (add some coconut oil if not non-stick).
  3. Plop batter into pan in the shape of a pancake and space them out to prevent joining.
  4. When bubbles start to form, flip ’em over and cook for 10 seconds on the other side.
  5. Remove from heat, and add toppings of choice (or none at all – they’re perfectly sweet and moist solo).
  6. Chow down.

Recipe and image via livingsweetmoments.com