20 Beautiful Irish Baby Names (and Their Pronunciations!)

What parent doesn’t want a bit of beauty, magic and good-luck charm to light their little one’s way through the world? Why not then gift your babe with a name whose origins are already enchanted with romantic folklore – straight from the Isle of four-leaf clovers, faeries, and glittering pots of gold…


While Irish baby names are beautifully easy on the ear, they’re less easy to say correctly (but perhaps therein lies at least some of their unwavering appeal – ‘simple’ names don’t usually have a backstory — a fairy story, more specifically!).

Check out 20 of Ireland’s most àlainn monikers, their legend-inspired meanings, and how to pronounce them:

Boys’ names

Aedan or Aodhan (aid-an) – means ‘born of fire’
Ciaran (kier-an) – means ‘little dark one’
Danann (don-an) – from the tribe of the goddess Danu
Fintan (fin-tan) – means ‘fair haired’ or ‘white fire’
Feidhelm (fail-im) – means ‘beauty’
Lorcan (lor-can) – means ‘silent’ or ‘fierce’
Odhran (or-an) – means ‘dark-haired’
Quinn (quinn) – means ‘intelligent’
Reilly (rye-lee) – means ‘valiant’
Tadgh (tie-g) – means ‘poet’ or ‘philosopher’

Girls’ names

Bronagh – (bro-na) means ‘sad’ or ‘sorrowful’
Cliona (clee-o-na) – means ‘shapely’
Ealga (ale-ga) – means ‘brave’
Ide or Ida (ee-da) – means ‘thirst for knowledge’
Kyna (key-ma) – means ‘love’ or ‘affection’
Meara (meer-a) – means ‘sea’
Maebh (may-v) – means ‘the cause of great joy’
Nuala (noo-la) – means ‘exceptionally lovely’
Orlaith or Orlagh (or-la) – means ‘golden princess’
Roisin (ro-sheen) – means ‘little rose’

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