4 Hacks to Get the Housework Done—With a Baby

Taking care of a baby is totally time-consuming—so much so there’s hardly any time left for anything non-childcare related. Sometimes, though, you really do have to tackle that leaning Pisa of dishes, or the Everest of socks slowly pickling in the laundry basket. Here’s how, with bubs in tow.

Busy Mother With Baby In Sling Multitasking At Home

Wear your baby:

Get your little one used to being in a carrier or sling early on—not only will it free your hands to get chores done, but when you’re finished, you may even be able to have a cuppa uninterrupted. Hoovering in particular with your tot in transit is also a win-win: babies are usually lulled into lalaland by the monotonous ‘white noise’ of the machine.

Wait for the nap:

The general advice is to sleep when baby sleeps; but if you can’t chill out because you know the dinner won’t cook itself—nor will the trash toddle off to the bin on its own—use baby’s nap time to get these sleep distractions out the way. (Then try leave at least ten minutes to relax before baby wakes, and the mess cycle starts all over again.)

Wipes aren’t just for bums:

When time is short, you need to take shortcuts. Baby wipes aren’t just nappy change essentials, but brilliant for making any and all surfaces look like you’ve got this homemaker thing down. Keep a pack in each room for easy clean-ups.


When you’re a mum, it’s rare that you’ll be able to focus solely on one task at a time without interruption, so surrender to the fact and embrace multitasking: during mealtimes, pop your bubs in a highchair with some finger foods while you chat and load the dishwasher—or play peek-a-boo with laundry as you fold. Be creative—and try to engage your baby in the tasks; as they grow older, they’ll be eager to join in properly, and help ease the load (if only a teensy bit!).

Via disneybabyblog.