4 Healthy Birthday Cake Alternatives Kids Will Love. Really.

There was a time when children’s birthday parties were all about the (literal) buffet of saccharine overload. These days, however – whether because eating well is en vogue, or because we’re bombarded with the stats of how sugar is simultaneously rotting teeth and brains, or simply due to the annoying fact that we can’t get Jamie Oliver’s lispy chastising out of our (slowly rotting) heads – kiddie bash-ups are being done a little differently.

birthday cupcake alternative

Healthful substitutes for the standard sucrose soaked, processed, E-number extravaganzas are truly endless; and actually, pretty darn tasty – for picky mini palates, too.

But can you ever, really, replace that crowning centrepiece of the celebratory table – The Cake?

Apparently, you can. And these yum-azing b-day bakes, delightfully delicious yet anti-sugar-high guaranteed are here to prove it. Partttyyy!

birthday cake alternative

The Baby’s First Birthday Cake (above) at Oh Everything Handmade is made with applesauce, bananas, wholewheat flour, and some spice to give it just a little bit of kick.

The Funfetti Muffins at The Big Man’s World substitute refined sugar for coconut palm sugar — though you can use stevia or a sugar-free baking blend, too. They’re also gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan and – the big one – made in just one bowl. Plus, they can easily be adapted into a single wowzer cake.

birthday cake

The oh-so-trendy ombre Apple Spice Cake with Maple recipe from Simple Bites cuts the sugar but keeps it sweet – which is just how we want our treats, no?

zucchini birthday cupcakes alternative

This zucchini/courgette bread from Jess Fuel has a lot less sugar than traditional recipes; which is perfect for those (minor few) who don’t have a sweet tooth. Or just lather it with this cream cheese frosting from Wholesome Baby Food.

For more nutritious takes on typical birthday treats, check out Mr. Oliver’s moreish ideas here (we love you, Jamie).

Source: coolmompicks.com