4 Potty Training Truths You Might Not Want to Hear

Potty training is a rite of passage most humans must master—and parents endure. Here are the four things you should know before you face the dragon.

Toddler blonde boy sitting on a potty reading a book

Truth #1: You Don’t Decide When Potty Training Begins

You can’t choose when to start the learning process—even if increasingly gross nappy changes and daycare or preschool prerequisites are putting on the pressure. Potty training begins when your child is intellectually and physiologically ready; if you attempt the process before such time, things are bound to go badly. For signs of potty training readiness, see here.

Truth #2: Your Child Learns Potty Etiquette From You

You’ve probably kissed privacy adios ages ago since becoming a parent—and will no doubt know that kids constantly following you around means they’re watching and learning…everything. Children discover how to deal with the world around them by role modelling their folks—and your bathroom habits are no exception. Suck up the intrusion, and know that having your little one sit in on the proceedings is actually removing the unknown element, and thus, the anxiety surrounding toilet time when their turn rolls around.

Truth #3: Children Will Miss the Mark

Be patient and remember that your toddler is not as skilled in the art of lavatory usage as you are—you’ve got literal years of practice. Get over the pain of clean-ups, and don’t shame your child when accidents happen.

Truth #4: Regressions Can Happen

Distraction, change in diet, or a difference in routine can sometimes throw a spanner in the potty training success. Don’t make a big deal about it; keep calm, keep smiling, and stick to the original plan. If you get uptight, you might find your young one deliberately going backwards as a means to gain some control.

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