4 Tips for Better Baby Sleep

Babies love sleep—they just sometimes need your help to realise it. Here are 4 tried-and-tested slumber hacks to improve your little one’s night.

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Ultimately, you want to try recreate the comfort and familiarity of your bub’s favourite place—the womb. You can’t quite replicate it exactly, of course, but there are key ways you can invoke the in-utero tranquility: 

Turn Down the Lights

Light is stimulating, sending signals to the brain it’s time to wake up and play. Put up blackout blinds if curtains don’t dim the sleep space enough, and avoid overhead lights for a middle-of-the-night bum change or feed—orange tone lamps don’t disturb sleep, but still provide visibility.

Keep it Cool

Overheating is linked to SIDS, so you want to keep your baby’s sleep area at a cool but comfy temp—16-20 degrees C is considered optimum.


Mask disturbing household sounds with a white noise app or machine. The machines themselves are small and portable, so you don’t need to panic that you’re creating a tricky-to-transport sleep cue; what’s more, white noise is great for more restful adult sleep, too.

Toss the Toys

Toys mean play, so if you want to avoid confusing the message about what bedtime means, keep the sleep space free from exciting gizmos and playthings. Loose toys are never a good idea in a crib or cot anyway, because they pose suffocation risks.

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