4D Baby Scans—Are They Worth It?

The standard 12 week and 20 week scans are obviously precious mementos of your little one’s time in-utero—and a chance for you to see him before the official meet-and-great…sort of. The grainy monochrome images, while totally special, are more Rorschach than identifiable baby, so it’s no wonder more mums-to-be are opting for 3D and 4D scans to catch a better peek.

Looking at a baby scan

3D refers to a still image, while 4D is a moving image in real time, which you can save as a video file.

The cost is between £70 and £225, carried out between 21 and 32 weeks. The more you pay, the longer your video clip, or the bigger the gallery of 3D pics. Even sweeter (or weirder?), you could also purchase a teddy bear with a recording of your bub’s heartbeat inside.

Madeformums forum users weighed in on what they thought of the recent trend towards 4D ultrasounds, and whether that were worth the expense:

“Both times was such a lovely experience,” says Lauren S. “Obviously hospital scans are only for medical reasons, but these private ones are special: you get so much time to look and having a DVD and multiple pictures is such a lovely bonus.”

“We found out one of our twins had water on the brain through a 4D scan” Tegan B reveals. “Even though we had a scan at hospital 2 days before – they hadn’t picked it up.”

On the other hand, not all expectant mums want to be privy to every detail:

“I really wasn’t into them at all as I thought you could see too much and I wanted to be surprised when baby arrived,” explains Jessica B.

And then there’s the small matter of the scans sometimes looking…strange:

“I don’t like the pictures at all – I think they look like they are melting, and to be honest I wanted to see their faces properly for the first time when they were in my arms,” Lucy M says.

What’s your take on 3D and 4D scans? Have you indulged? Or do you prefer to wait for the proper reveal?

Via madeformums