5 Fast-fix makeup tips for mums

If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then makeup is a mum’s best friend…Sleepless nights, sugar binges, and zero time to get a salon treatment; a magic box of tricks can cover a multitude of sins – if you do it right.

5 Fast-fix makeup tips for mums

Streamline your beauty routine and fake your way to fabulous with these 5 essentials products and fast make-up fixes from the pros:

1. Tinted moisturiser with SPF

Double-team hydration with an even skin-tone by opting for tinted moisturisers. It’s simpler to apply than foundations, and you avoid the embarrassing streaking that happens when you rush to blend thicker types of coverage, creating a much more natural look. You can choose from a variety of tints to match your skin tone, and remember to always use one with an SPF – even when the sun isn’t shining, you’ll still need to protect your skin against pigmentation and ageing.

2. Eye brightener / concealer

Dark circles and undereye baggage are the dead giveaways that you’re feeling less than spectacular. The light-reflecting particles in concealers camouflage racoon rings brilliantly. Makeup artist Kelly Cornwell says, “With any concealer you need to set it, so follow the colour from the bridge of the nose to the diagonal of the cheek and gently pat with your index finger.”

3. Lip and cheek duo

Get a kiss of colour and a natural blush in half the time with a lip and cheek palette duo. It can applied with your fingers in seconds and also minimises the number of products you’ll need to cart around – baby stuff is plenty enough!

4. Mascara

This is probably the most fiddley of makeup essentials, but it draws attention to one of your best features, opening your eyes up beautifully. By opting for a shade of brown, you’ll make your peepers stand out minus the sharpness that a black mascara creates. Eyelash curlers are also a fab finishing touch.

5. Nail oil

Your nails are the easiest things to neglect when you’re pressed for time, but they tend to suffer the most wear and tear during the day. Protect your nails with a nourishing and strengthening nail oil. Cornwell suggests buying it in pen-form rather than in a bottle – pens make the product easier to apply and are less likely to end up as oil spill in your handbag.

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