5 locations of the temper tantrum

Why is it that our beloved toddlers are more inclined to throw tantrums in certain places? In fact the almost ubiquitous patterns of when and where a temper tantrum predisposed toddler will sulk and rage and leave us cowering for cover can leave some exasperated parents almost reluctant to return to the certain places and situations that are prone to making toddlers scream!

Below are 5 locations of the ‘dreaded’ temper tantrum and some advice on how to deal with each temper tantrum.

temper tantrum

The hairdressers

You may have been putting off the dreaded trip to the hairdressers with your toddler but now that her hair is in her eyes you can’t put it off any longer! Whilst we find it a luxury, many young children see going to the hairdressers as torture.

If this is the case, be sure to use a hairdresser that is especially for children, as not only will they be used to this kind of behaviour but there will also be toys, books and other distraction devices aimed at pacifying  a temper tantrum!


If you are going to a restaurant with your child to help avoid any nasty tantrums being thrown whilst you wait for your dinner make sure that you don’t go too late. Better still try and ensure your toddler has had a nap in the day so that he is not tired and prone to causing a disturbance. 

The Supermarket

How many times when you are at the supermarket can you hear children crying and being shouted at by the parents? Supermarkets are a breeding ground for toddler tantrums for the simple reason that being carted round a shop’s aisles buying food is not that much fun when you are three years old!

To help avoid these ubiquitous tantrums in the supermarket try to involve your child more with the shopping by letting her choose, for example, her own cereal. Also make shopping more fun by singing nursery rhymes together as you get those aisles ‘ticked off’.

The car seat

Being strapped into a car seat and unable to get out can send some toddlers into a frenzy of bad behaviour. Due to safety and legal reasons you obviously cannot give in to your toddler’s temper tantrum about being put in a car seat. Instead the best tactic is to either ignore the tantrum or try to distract your child by playing games such as I Spy or Simon Says.

Leaving the park

They’ve had so much fun, they’re exhausted yet they don’t want to go home and their intent on telling the whole park just that! Sounds familiar? Overcome the refusing to leave the park temper tantrum by giving your child plenty of ‘five minute’ warnings.