5 Mistakes Every New Parent Has Made

Despite the fact that parenting guides abound, there isn’t one universal handbook on how to sail through childcare. The more comforting news is that we’ve all made mistakes with our kids—especially these ones.

Mistakes Every New Parent Has Made

Accidentally clipping their finger 

Clipping your newborn’s finger with nail clippers is the inevitable downside of tiny manicures. You’ll feel awful for ages, and your sleep will be saturated with nightmares of your baby’s future trust issues because of it. Don’t stress, though; their tears will only last a short period, and they’ll be back to their giggly selves in no time.

Leaving them on the couch…for just a second

Babies have a habit of revealing their newly-learnt motor skills when placed in seemingly innocent positions. One minute you’ve turned your back to grab your cuppa, the next they’re on the floor, eyeballing you accusingly.

Not topping up the baby wipes

You’ll underestimate the velocity of the poopsplosion away from home and find yourself wiping up the mess with your baby’s cutest onesie. You’ll never leave the house without an extra pack of wipes again. Until you do. Again.

Dropping your phone on their head

Baby’s fallen asleep in your arms and you’re kind of chained to the couch now…time to catch up on pointless social media! And accidentally drop your phone on baby’s head while posing for a blissful Madonna-and-child selfie.

Planning to be anywhere at 10am

Back in the day, 10am would have given you loads of time to primp before a social meet-up—post-baby and 10am will remain the elusive magical unicorn hour. It seems so simple, but you will run late. The upside is your mum friends will, too.

Via netmums.