5 things to help teething in babies

It seems like babies are always teething; the majority of the time you see a mum with a miserable baby, she’ll tell you that teething is the culprit.

Their little faces flush, they gnaw on anything and everything they can get their hands on, and their pain-infused fussing is relentless. It’s enough to drive both you and babs insane!

But there are things that you can do!

Three children later, one of whom is currently suffering some teething woes, I have figured out five fail-safe must haves to help teething in babies, that make teething a whole lot less horrible.

  • Teething gel/powder – numbs the gums. I suspect that there are times when the gel or powder (brand irrelevant) that you have chosen to use does not work, in which case; a stronger painkiller (speak to your GP) might be in order, especially if your baby’s sleep is being affected – a tired teether is no fun at all!
  • Teething ring – babes often find gnawing on a teething ring/toy comforting – it seems to ease the teething pain and also provides a useful distraction.
  • Bib – if your baby is a dribbler, a bib will come in handy!
  • Food – if you have an older teether, ‘safe food’ that your baby can gnaw on is great! – it’s yum, distracting and pain relieving, Younger teethers might appreciate cooler foods; yoghurt or refrigerated pureés.
  • Patience – teething babies need a whole lot of TLC. It’s difficult to get stuff done when your baby needs constant attention – luckily mums are excellent multitaskers!

The best thing about this list s that everything on it is portable – teething rings, pain meds, bibs, food and attitude can be hauled along with your teething baby! And take solace in the fact that although it seems endless…

…this too shall pass.

What are your top ‘stay sane’ teething tips?