5 Tips for Brilliant Baby Footprint Art

A keepsake print of your baby’s little tootsies is almost an imperative—from this moment on they will only grow bigger, and become harder to catch. Here’s how to get footprint art right—the first time.

imprints of baby feet on white background

First things first

You want your bubs to be happy for his inaugural immersive art experience, because happy baby equals cooperative baby. Make sure he’s rested, fed, and any nappy situation is taken care of.

Set up your tools

Have everything laid out and ready to use; babies are not known for their patience, and the last thing you want to do is run out the room leaving your little alone with a paint palette. You’ll need: non-toxic paints, soft-bristled paintbrushes or sponges, paper, wipes, and paper plates or palette.

Strip down

You may just be printing your lil’ guy’s feet, but—he will find a way to get that paint everywhere. Make sure the room is warm enough, and strip him down to his nappy. The inevitable hosing down will be a lot less complicated this way.

Wear something old

Somehow, you will get covered with the stuff, too. Put on an apron, or at least wear something you won’t cry over when it’s a different colour.

Don’t get carried away

Your tot will probably find the process quite novel, or at least tolerable, for approximately five minutes. A cranky baby doesn’t make for great art, so don’t get too ambitious with your prints. Keep things short, simple, and sweet.

Via lifewithmylittles.