5 Ways Pregnancy Tires You Out—And How to Beat ‘Em

8 out of 10 women cite exhaustion as a major side effect of their pregnancy. Here’s why you struggle for sleep, and how to boost your energy levels when expecting.

5 Ways Pregnancy Tires You Out—And How to Beat ‘Em

  1. Daytime Drowsiness

Peaking levels of progesterone, known as the ‘pregnancy hormone’, turn your sleep cycles upside-down. You’ll feel tired during the day, and wired at night. Compensate by trying to fit in naps when you can—even if they’re 10-minute power kips—and turn in earlier in the pm.

  1. Morning sickness

Morning sickness, unlike the name suggests, can attack at any hour—even at night. Thankfully, there are a few remedies that can help soothe your sickly tum; try out a couple salted crackers and ginger tea before bed to keep your glucose levels even, and to ward off indigestion.

  1. Midnight Hunger

Waking up feeling hungry doesn’t pay credence to the myth “eating for two”. Instead, it probably means you’re not taking in enough of the nutrients your body and baby need. Think good fats, lean proteins, plenty of fresh fruit and veg, and snacking on things like nuts and seeds throughout the day, with a couple of squares of dark chocolate in between.

  1. Frequent Urination

A growing uterus will inevitably put pressure on your other organs—not least the bladder. To help decrease your nighttime trips to the loo, load up on water during the day, drinking less in the evening. Stay away from caffeine later on, too, as it triggers the need to pee!

  1. Insomnia

As if the physical impediments to rest weren’t enough, your pregnant brain will conspire against you, too. Feelings of anxiety (and anticipation!) are totally normal while pregnant, but try to articulate your concerns to someone experienced to get clarity, make a list of to-dos, or dedicate twenty minutes of pregnancy book reading before bed to help you feel more in control of the unknown.

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