6 Must-Eat Foods When You’re Expecting

Boosting your nutrition while pregnant is essential to keep you and your baby healthy. But it can feel like hard work figuring out just what you should eat when there are so many caveats for what you shouldn’t. Here’s a handy list of the 6 foods packed with exactly what bump and mum need—plus non-boring ways on how to serve them up.

Macro photography of fresh spinach. Concept of organic food.


A supreme source of folic acid, which is vital in foetal brain and spinal cord development, spinach should be a frequent ingredient in your diet. Freeze a bag, then add to scrambled eggs for brekkie, or blitz with frozen berries for a powerhouse smoothie.


Nuts are a handy protein snack, and mums-to-be require an extra 60 grams protein per day. Crush your favourite type and sprinkle on yoghurt, cereal, or the eternal pregnancy staple: ice cream.

Cottage Cheese

A tasty combo of both calcium and protein, which are important for muscle and bone growth, cottage cheese can be used in more ways than just a spread: swop out ricotta for cream cheese in lasagna, and make pancakes more decadent by adding to the batter.


Eggs are loaded with protein, calcium and Vitamin D, but they’re also high in the lesser-known—but essential—nutrient choline, which plays a key role in liver function. Transform your tuna salad into nicoise by adding slices of hard-boiled eggs, or fry up an omelette with a rainbow of veg.


High in iron, which boosts oxygenated blood supply, chicken is a great addition to salad, pasta, and toasties. Just remember to get the organic, hormone-free cuts. If poultry isn’t your thing, opt for grass-fed, organic, and hormone-free beef for your iron fix.


Salmon is a prime source of Omega 3s, and these fatty acids are key for healthy brain and eye development. Stir into morning eggs for a double-up of preggie nutrition, or add to pasta primavera.

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