6 Ways to Beat Your Preggie Junkfood Cravings

Pregnancy cravings aren’t a bad thing – as long as you strike a balance between the odd indulgence and healthier alternatives. Scientists even posit a theory that those insatiable pangs for crazy concoctions could serve as a signal to feed your body specific nutrients – or balance mood hormones.

Junk food craving

To give into your cravings the right way – and make the most of the potential physiological benefits linked to them, check out these top tips from babycenter.com for managing the midnight fridge calling.

Eat breakfast. Every day. Start the day with  protein, if possible. Protein – think eggs, oily fish, etc. – will curb your sugar cravings, and keep you satisfied for longer. But even a complex carb cereal will do good; and any decent, non-fatty calorie boost will help alleviate morning sickness, too, by keeping blood sugar levels on an even keel.

Exercise. Sure, you can get your happy fix from a two-by-four slab of chocolate–but exercise releases feel-good endorphins, too. Gentle, regular workouts, will also keep you fit during pregnancy.

Be one step ahead. Keep a stash of ready-to-eat snacks wherever you go; nothing bombs good food intentions like a starving belly. Also, eating small bites and often will help prevent nausea.

Are you really hungry? Think before you stuff in that second bowl of Ben & Jerry’s – could a chat with a pal or a long, bubbly soak in the tub be just as enjoyable?

Think small. Downsize your first-instinct servings – single scoop over a whole bowl (or tub) of ice cream; one block – okay, row, of choc instead of the entire store aisle.

Substitute. Check out this helpful infographic for healthy alternatives to your sugar-coated, salt-laden and fatty first choices.

Via babycenter.com