7 Mind-Blowing Facts About Your Unborn Baby

The mere fact of life growing inside of you is pretty miraculous—but it doesn’t stop there. Here are seven magic things you might not know about your baby.

Pregnant woman lying in bed touching her belly

Your baby has more bones than you

Upon birth, your little bundle will have developed more bones—300—than the standard adult allocation of 206. As he grows, these extra bones will fuse together to match yours.


In just four short weeks, your baby’s most incredible and vital organ—the heart—has developed. Crazy! On average, it takes only one month for a baby to develop and start using its heart from conception.

Your baby can shed tears (sort of)

Babies can turn on the waterworks in the womb, from around 26 weeks’ gestation. But don’t take this as a bad thing—crying will be your little one’s primary form of communication, so it makes sense that’ll he’ll practice the skill before it’s show-time!

He has a sense of humour

Ironically, babies in-utero can cry but not laugh; although this doesn’t stop them from picking up on the positive vibes of mum’s laughter. When Mummy giggles, at about 32 weeks’ gestation they respond by bouncing!

Your baby is learning his mother tongue right now

Apparently, your tot is absorbing the nuances of language—rhythm, intonation—by listening to your voice. (Some experts assert you can identify different mother tongues by the distinct gurgles of babies!)

What’s that smell, Mum?

Scans of 28 plus weeks’ babies reveal them grimacing or shifting position when mum is exposed to strong odours. (Tone down the aftershave, Dad!)


Babies can slumber from about a month after conception. It’s possible that your sleeping beauty can dream, too, because at 30 plus weeks’ gestation, researchers have identified the eye movements linked to REM sleep waves (during which dreams occur).

Via netmums