7 Rules For Visiting Newborns

A new baby is here and it’s time to rejoice, right? Well, yes—as long as you follow these rules…

A newborn baby boy

It can be hard to reign in the excitement when a family member or friend has just brought a babe into the world, but it’s important to remember that the experience—and aftermath—can be exhausting. Your enthusiasm, if tempered with these tips, can be the best gift you could give Mum and Baby.

Don’t expect to be entertained.

When you visit for the first time, remember that this isn’t a typical social call. You’ll probably need to carry the conversation, make the tea, and let yourself out while mama tends to baby.

Don’t take it personally.

You might not get a ‘yes’ to your request to visit. Don’t be offended—it’s not about you, it’s about them just surviving the early days. Be patient, and offer your support via text until mama is ready.

Never just show up. 

Mama could be sleeping, baby could be sleeping, they could want their alone time to bond, or your pal could just want the heads-up to shower before seeing other humans. Always. Call. First.


She isn’t being paranoid—germs are a big deal for newborns as their immune systems are still developing. Wash you hands before touching baby, don’t visit if you’re sick, and don’t bring the kids.


Nothing says you care like a care package of frozen dinners. And cake.


Be helpful, don’t just offer it. Offer to hold bubs while mama has a shower. Or naps. Offer to swing by the shops for some groceries. Offer to walk the dog, or play with older siblings. Offer to do the washing up (especially if it’s your coffee cup!).

Watch the clock.

Remember that mama is likely sleep deprived and still recovering from birth, and socialising still takes energy. Keep your visit short and sweet—unless that nap while you hold baby goes on a little longer…

Via Motherly