7 ways to make life with a newborn easier

Nothing prepares you for becoming a mum, and there’s no such thing as The Newborn Code of Conduct. So when little precious comes along, you simply have to surrender to the unknown and embrace the chaos that comes with the territory.

7 ways to make life with a newborn easier

But you don’t have to panic at the prospect of your precisely planned life vanishing in a poof of baby powder.

For the first few months, you may not be able to predict your babe’s behaviour from one day to the next, but you can do a few things that’ll help you feel more prepared as you adjust to being a mummy.

Before your lil’ bundle makes his grand entrance, follow these top tips – guaranteed to make life with a newborn easier.

1. Nappy delivery

Amazon is totally geared towards the frenetic lifestyle of families, and has a subscription service
for sending you nappies straight to your door. Set your brand, size, and frequency preferences – and get a discount, too. Sign up to Amazon Prime, and you can also get urgent items – like bulk batches of caffeine – delivered the very next day.

2. Get groceries the easy way

Getting stuff delivered on your doorstep is definitely a running theme, here. Almost all supermarkets have an online shopping option available, and with good reason – it’s quicker, it helps you stick to budget, and is much less hassle than sprinting through the store at breakneck speed before the babe’s next feed is due – and forgetting half of what you need in the process.

3. Freeze!

If you’re not keen on making takeouts your staple diet, and you’ve got a friend who’s handy in the kitchen, ask them to cook up a couple freezable dinners in place of gifting you cutesy baby stuff; it may not sound as much fun to open, but you’ll be thanking your pal big time when suppertime hits and you’ve barely had time to shower, let alone pick up a spoon.

4. Ditch the dirty work

Having someone else do your cleaning does not make you a snob. It makes you smart. There’s plenty decently-priced domestic cleaning services around; if you can spare the cash, go for it. There’s no contest when you’re exchanging hoovering for a few more moments with babs or a blessed hour of shut-eye.

5. Stock up on series

Never before and never again will you spend as much time in the stationary position. Use these hours wisely – beef up your boxset collections or sign up to online film and TV show services like Netflix or Amazon Instant Video. If you’re intent on the more intellectual pastime, invest in an e-reader – with a backlit screen for night reading.

6. Wear your baby

Strollers can be a serious pain, and struggling to unfold and re-fold the tortuous contraptions can make staying home seem a far easier choice. While your kiddo is compact enough to carry around, do it. But avoid the temptation to do housework with your precious cargo in tow; get out the house and get moving – and join a mums group while you’re at it to keep a connection with the adult world. Bonus: babies sleep better in motion!

7. Let. It. Go.

Adopt the Frozen philosophy and learn to relinquish control over every aspect of your (and baby’s) existence. Dishes need doing? Buy paper plates. Laundry need washing? Air out the dark stuff with the least visible stains. Dinner needs making? Grab the takeout menu. Baby won’t follow your schedule? Never gonna happen. (Sorry.) Stick to the bare essentials of survival – eat, sleep, and see other humans – and let the rest go.