8 Ways to Bond With Your Baby

Relationships connect us, bringing magic to mere existence by sharing the experience of life with another. And what more magical, profound relationship is there than the one between you and your child? Here are eight ways to strengthen that inimitable connection with your little one.

8 Ways to Bond with your Baby

Make eye contact during feeds. 

Bottle feeding baby: this is the shortlived time you’ll be this physically close to your child. It’ll help your baby connect touch and closeness—and nourishment—with Mama.

Do a little baby massage. 

Touch is a powerful way to build bonds. It also helps stimulate the release of feel-good hormones; something you certainly want baby to associate with being in your presence. For more baby massage tips, check out our videos here.

Toss the phone.

Multitasking is a myth, and you cannot focus (meaningfully) on baby and work emails—or Facebook—simultaneously. This moment right here is fleeting; responding to a text can wait.

Sleep when they sleep.

Not just to get in that much-needed shuteye, but to enjoy that perfect calm and closeness of snuggling up with your beloved.

Go skin-to-skin. 

Just like you go gaga over the smell of your newborn, their most delicious scent (and taste) is you. Going skin-to-skin also helps to regulate baby’s body temperature, breathing, and heart rate—au naturel is where it’s at!

Respond to the call. 

Crying is your little one’s only mode of communication. Responding to them won’t spoil them—it will build trust in the fact that you’re there for your baby.

Open a book together.

Baby might not have perfected the mother tongue just yet, but they can still pick up on tone—and really, they just love the sound of your voice. Storytime is also a perfect ritual to institute that makes time for closeness without distraction.

More than a bum change.

It sounds crazy until you’re there, but nappy changes are brilliant respites during which you and baby can lock eyes and have a special (or silly) conversation. Don’t wish it away too soon!

Via parents.com.