A baby app for mums

Baby Centre’s “My Baby Today” baby app for mums is a great way to keep tabs on your baby’s development whenever and wherever!

The baby app for mums includes:

baby app for mums

* A personalised daily calendar of baby’s development.

* Helpful checklists and reminders you can update to fit your needs.

* A photo album for chronicling baby’s growth and special moments.

* Answers for when you wonder, “Is this normal?”

* Information on health and safety.

* Suggested activities for baby each week.

* Advice on care and feeding.

* Ideas for taking care of yourself too.

* Reasons to laugh and celebrate along the way.

It’s always useful to have parenting advice and support on tap. Example: you’re out visiting friends and your baba develops a red rash on his bottom – is this normal? What should you do? – consult My Baby Today (duh!).

Or: your baby suddenly decides that it’s a good idea to spew his breakfast all over the bus – is this normal? – what should you do? – consult My Baby Today (double duh!).

Mums and dads alike are complimentary about the app – some having used it for years. It’s frequently updated with the latest info, and all medical information featured in the app is reviewed and approved The BabyCenter Medical Advisory Board.

CLICK HERE to download My Baby Today.