A baby changing bag for men

Have you ever asked your man to hold your handbag while you pop off to the loo when out and about or as you sort out your shopping or give the baby a quick feed?

My hubby is always happy to hold my bag but if it involves walking and holding (i.e. involves the chance that he may look anything less than manly) then he’s not that keen. With this in mind I feel a little bad asking the poor guy to traipse around town with a baby bag that not only screams “baby” but “lady lady lady” as well. Floral, fur and fluorescents are not really how most men roll.

If you’d like to get your baby’s daddy a baby changing bag that’s a little more discreet then check out the Baby Changing Bag for Men aka MATchel.

The MATchel comes in two colours – brown and black (very manly) – and has space for personal items as well as the usual baby paraphernalia. The large front panel (a zip pocket) is big enough for parents’ essentials; your wallet, keys, mobile phone, pens, umbrella, your travel card, lip balm etc.

The baby changing bag for men features include a built in pillow for baby’s comfort with two large fold out pockets big enough to hold up to; 4 large nappies, cream, a pack of wipes, a change of clothes, and a bottle.

The bag unfolds into a large changing station, and the extra-long mat is suited for new born babies right up until potty training. It can even be unfolded with one hand, whilst you are holding your baby and doing the usual parent multi-task thing.

What I think is pretty cool about the bag is that after your baby no longer needs changing, you can use it as a handy laptop or briefcase facility because it doesn’t look like a changing bag.

Visit ComfyBabies to check out the MATchel.