A baby gift for new parents – family photo shoot

When buying a baby gift for new parents ‘sentimental’ is usually the operative word. It’s nice to get something that will commemorate the special occasion; something that will help mums and dads remember the birth of Life’s most precious gift.

Now, when ‘sentimental’ is involved there is always the risk of cheese; buying something that is more cringe worthy than classy. If you’re worried about the cringe-factor, I may have a solution: a gift voucher for a family photo shoot.

Most of us will snap oodles of pics of our new babies but a) they aren’t always that good, and b) we are never included in the shots.

It’s nice to have something done professionally – void of red-eye and blur – and something that includes all members of the family.

Family Photo shoots do have the potential to be awkward and a little unnatural, so it’s worth looking at photographers’ portfolios to get an idea of the types of photos they take. Word of mouth references are even better – have a look at friends’ photos.

In my humble opinion the best photos are the ones that are not posed – get a family in front of a camera and just get them to do their thing while Mr Professional clicks away. The results are usually amazing because the family’s personality emerges in the pictures.

Friends of mine bought a family photo shoot session on Groupon and there is this one awesome picture of mum, dad and daughter smiling for the camera with two-year-old son lying on the floor, fists in air, having a fabulous tantrum. I love it because it is just a perfect reflection of their family in general and at that moment!

Sadly I don’t have any recommendations but if you look online and ask your pals, you’re sure to find an amazing photographer. Take your time and be picky! It’ll make for a really cool gift!