A dog and a newborn baby – some tips

A new survey by Dogs Trust has revealed that 46 per cent of new parents find it challenging to cope with a dog and a baby. Of the 1,000 expectant parents surveyed, nearly one in five (18 per cent) had been told by family, friends and health professionals to give up their dog before their baby arrived – but received no professional advice on the matter.

The whole dog-baby thing is a real challenge; there is of course the ‘safety issue’ – how will you’re your dog react to the invasion of a new baby, who is sure to be getting all of the attention – and then there is the ‘health issue’ – doggy germs and all  that jazz.

Interestingly, the survey showed that only two per cent of expectant parents considered giving up their dog, but this stat increased to 17 per cent when the same question was asked of new parents. It is therefore clear that some of us need some expert tips on how to bring up a dog and a baby together.

In response to the survey the Dog Trust charity has joined with the National Childbirth Trust to create a short guide to help parents feel more confident about dealing with their dog alongside their new baby.

It can be downloaded HERE – it offers advice on how to prepare your doggy for the impending arrival and then how to cope with both dog and baby after the impending arrival has actually arrived. A few of the ‘golden rules’, as summarised by Dogworld.co.uk, are:

  • Never leave a dog alone with a child.
  • Never punish or shout at a dog for approaching a baby.
  • Always praise your dog for behaving gently with a baby/child.
  • Always keep children well away from a dog’s food bowl.
  • Never let a child interrupt a dog’s sleep or take away its toys.
  • Never let a child shout in a dog’s face or pull its tail.

What I suspect you’ll find is that managing your dog is very similar to managing your baby (or child); they both like cuddles, routine, attention, positive affirmation and sometimes a firm hand. You don’t have to give up your beloved doggy for the sake of your beloved baby, you just have to find the time to love them both – it’s like having two dependents instead of just one.

Do you have any tips for bringing up baby and dig together?

Source: Dogworld.co.uk – “Dogs Trust and NCT give tips on bringing up baby and dog together