A Fun playpen for baby

When it comes to playpens, I’ve always thought that they’re a bit ‘jail-ish’ – not in concept but in appearance.

I work from home and often my concentration is on my work and not on my baba; a playpen enables me to keep tabs on her without having to eyeball her every second. But I also sort of want to trick her into thinking that the playpen itself is a fun toy, rather than a restrictive device as implied by the bars of a traditional playpen.

playpen for baby

If you think like me, you might be interested in the Versatile Playpen by House of Sixty. I like it because it doesn’t look like a playpen.

It’s a colourful, comfortable, portable and extendable fun playpen for baby that can be transported to any room in the house, or taken even further afield, to create a safe AND FUN setting within which children can play – with toys and with one another. It can be hauled outside, and packs up easily to bring back in.

The Versatile Playpen – suitable for children up to the age of 5 – is made from strong, durable hard plastic, which wipes clean easily. The pen design features rounded edges and corners, allowing children to play without the risk of accidental bumps and bruises.

Visit Houseofsixty.com to check out the cute little pen and there is also an extension pack available for purchase, which will double the size of the playpen!