A new app to help you through baby’s first year

Looking for an app to help you through baby’s first year? Rebecca Indla’s “Baby’s 1st Year Guide” may be the perfect solution.

The baby’s first year phone app covers all the milestones in the development of baby in his first year. It aims to help parents understand their baby’s developmental milestones, nutrition, health and offers advice on what to be cautious about as well as tips for mums and dads.

The guide includes immunisation info, what milestones to expect at what age, what your baby might be doing each week or month, when to introduce solid foods, when to introduce finger foods and when to switch to whole milk.

When using a guide like this (or any source of baby information for that matter), it’s important to remember that all babies are different. The baby’s first year phone app offers an idea – a general guideline – of what happens when.

No rules are hard and fast when it comes to children. Babies behave in the same general manner but you have to tailor the way you manage them to their personalities and what suits the ethos of your family dynamic.

Rebecca Indla has authored loads of apps, many of which relate to pregnancy and babies; visit her website to see the full list. And to download “Baby’s 1st Year Guide”, visit iTunes – CLICK HERE.

**The app has been carefully reviewed by an experienced paediatrician and it’s always good to consult a doctor before you make any major baby-related decisions.