A new book by Annabel Karmel: “Quick and Easy Weaning”

What mum doesn’t know who Annabel Karmel is? Her name is there even if you’re not looking for it. AK’s baby food books are so popular that if you haven’t come across any of her recipes in bookstores you’re sure to hear about her from one of your mummy pals!

And AK has done it yet again; produced another recipe book. Why not, right?

If you need some recipe ideas and tips on how to introduce solids, AK’s new book, “Quick and Easy Weaning” has one hundred ideas on what to do with food and heaps if useful info (such as best first tastes, when it’s okay to introduce certain foods and how to get your baby keen on new and different flavours).

Recipes include tasty purées such as Baked Sweet Potato and Butternut Squash, first tastes of grown-up foods like My First Beef Bolognese, and nutritious sweet treats like Pear, Apple and Blueberry Crumble.

The idea behind AK recipes is that they are quick (she knows mums and dads are busy), simple and nutritious.

If you already have a AK weaning book, chances are that there is nothing new in the latest offering – there are only so many ways you can serve avo to a six-month-old – but her books are beautifully laid out, easy to follow and if you’ve already been there and done that, you might have a mummy pal who’s ready to get stuck in with weaning and could use some AK methodology.

For more info on the book, visit annabelkarmel.com.