A new way to share your baby’s life online and it’s private!

Heard of Lifecake? It’s a new social media tool that enables you to share your baby’s life online with friends and family … and it’s private.

Facebook is not everyone’s ideal when it comes to keeping the peeps updated re what’s going on in the life of your new baby. It’s not private and it’s also time-consuming.

Lifecake.com aims to help busy parents save time and memories by hosting the child-related photos, videos, stories and milestones in one private and organised place. It’s an online baby journal that mums and dads can make accessible to whomever they choose.

Now we’re not naïve enough to ever think that anything on the internet is completely private but Lifecake.com is certainly less obvious than the likes of Facebook, twitter, Instagram and all that jazz. The idea is that users have total control (as ‘total’ as anything on the web can ever be) over who has access to the content you have posted.

The site organises your ‘moments’ by date highlights your favourites. It also offers a ‘1-click’ photobook function, which compiles all of your favourite moments into hard copy if you would like to own something less cyberspace-ish when it comes to your baby’s precious memories.

Signup is simple – name, password, email, add your children’s deets (name and age) and then get posting.

And it’s free.

Visit Lifecake.com to find out more!