A personalised Christmas ornament for a December baby

My baby was a December baby. Before she was born I had this brilliant idea to commemorate her birth with a personalised Christmas ornament. Which I did.

Then I decided to expand the tradition; every year when Christmas rolls around, we’ll purchase a celebratory ornament – when my baby girl’s old enough, she’ll be able to choose her own. Call me sentimental.

personalised Christmas ornament

If you’re looking forward to a beautiful Christmas baby, or just feel like splurging on a personalised Christmas ornament for a little loved one, Trulyforyou.co.uk is a site worth checking out.

Truly for You sells personalised, beautifully handmade Christmas tree decorations that feature any name and any message you choose. My favourite is a happy snowman with a cute purple scarf, or a pink one if you fancy (he comes in eight different colours).  The fairy with a gold wand and heart-shaped tiara is also very sweet.

Other personalised Christmas ornaments include Santa, Rudolph, an angel, Christmas stocking and penguin, amongst others.

And if you’re keen on keepsakes in general, Truly for You does loads of decorative stuff – for births, birthdays; all types of celebrations. Look out for a retro robot and gorgeous cupcake, both of which can be inscribed with personal messages of your choice.

Remember: it’s never too early to start your Christmas shopping – CLICK HERE to get going.