A useful nursing app

Nursing can be hectic, especially when you’re new at it and trying to figure it out, which is why many new mums record feeding times in effort to work out feeds and ultimately establish some sort of routine.

If the chaos of a newborn renders your brain a tad faulty (as it does most new mums) and remembering has become effortful rather than effortless, it’s worth checking out Sevenlogics’ nursing tracker app.

nursing app

The nursing app has a timer that allows you to track your nursing real-time; all you do is push “start” and “stop”. And if you’re distracted at some point during the feed (which is pretty much guaranteed), forgetting to stop the timer, a badge number appears on the app icon as a visual cue for a running timer and you will receive a notification to remind you to push “stop”.

The nursing app also allows you to view detailed and useful info of your nursing progress, like daily averages and accumulative totals. It also calculates how many ounces you have fed your baby; all you do is enter how much your baby weighs either before or after feeding or enter an estimate of “ounces per minute” and the app will do the math.

And extra features are:

  • You can upload photos for different types of entries, which will enable you to record of how your baby looks at the various growth stages.
  • The app tracks your current location so you know where you have fed your baby. In the Nursing screen, turn your device to landscape orientation to see all your nursing locations.
  • The app tracks your baby’s growth progress. Record your baby’s height, weight and head-size and the app plots all the data onto a growth chart for you.
  • There is a Diary feature for you to record and review the daily happenings, milestones and special moments of your baby.
  • The nursing app offers data backup.

And if you dig the nursing tracker vibe (haven’t managed to unearth a negative review yet), you can upgrade to the following:

Bottle – Bottle upgrade allows you to track bottle feedings for your baby! Formula, breast milk, juices or anything you want to track.

Nappy – Nappy upgrade allows you to track diaper usage for your baby. Whether it’s dry, wet, BM or both Wet and BM.

Pumping – Pumping upgrade is for mums who’d like to keep track of their breast milk pumping progress. Like Nursing, you can use a simple timer to track your pumping progress in real-time.

Sleeping – Sleeping upgrade keeps track of sleeping times of your baby. Again, use the simple timer to track sleeping in real-time.

Solids – Solids upgrade keeps track of your baby’s eating routine. Select from a comprehensive food list; there is also an intelligent “Recent” meal list that lists out recent keywords to speed up the selection process.

Of course, you’ll pay for all of the above but the premium package, which locks all of the trackers, costs $4.99, which is not all that many pounds. CLICK HERE to download.

If you have used this nursing app, tell us what you think! Or if you know of any other nursing tracker apps that you could recommend, please do!