Adorable Shakespeare-Themed Photoshoot for Newborns Romeo and Juliet 

If you’re not a big believer in fate, let Shakespeare – and the power of exponential cuteness – convince you otherwise…

Newborn photoshoot

When ol’ Will Shakes penned his most famous star-crossed love story, he surely didn’t have a pair of newborns in mind; but fate, as it turns out, works in the most unexpected ways.

Meet babies Romeo and Juliet, born just 18 hours apart in the same hospital, delivered by the same doctor, and then placed in rooms next door to each other  – what else to do but document this magic alignment with adorable outfits and kitschy props?

Romeo and Juliet

“They did great, which is rare for non-twins to be snuggling together,” says the hospital’s newborn photographer, Cassie Clayshulte. “They held hands and nuzzled each other and they didn’t cry until we took them apart.”

“The families have become very good friends,” – which is, of course, a distinctly more positive spin on the play about feuding houses.

The photographer was concerned about another element of the original story, however:

“I was a little hesitant because newborns are always sleeping in photo shoots and the way that could appear with how the actual story ended might look a little morbid,” she explains. “But everyone has been very positive to it. I mentioned it to the parents and they said ‘I don’t care what anybody else thinks. We don’t think it looks that way and they’ll come out so cute.’”

And there’s certainly space for creative license, since the two babes were not actually named after the playwright’s famed work; little Juliet was named after character, Jules, from TV show ‘Psych’, and baby Romeo after singer Romeo Santos. Anyway – two roses by any other name would look just as sweet, right?