Advice on flying with a baby or toddler

The thought of flying with a baby or toddler can be a daunting one for any parent. “What happens if she won’t stop crying?” “What if her ears hurt?” “How will I keep her entertained for three hours on the plane?” are all common questions parents ask themselves before flying with a baby or toddler.

Whilst every parent flying with a baby or toddler must be relieved when the plane finally touches down at their destination, there are certain steps we can take that will help to minimalize the risks of, for want for a better word, having a ‘nightmare’ flight!

Advice on flying with a baby or toddler

Change your baby’s nappy before embarking the aircraft

A baby with a wet or soiled nappy will not be a comfortable baby, especially on an airplane and knowing how tiny and cramped the toilets are on airplanes, it is favourable to change your baby’s nappy for you board the flight. Although always have your changing bag accessible during the flight in case your baby does fill his nappy. Likewise with toddlers and older children, ensure that they use the toilets at the airport before they embark the plane.

Have plenty of ‘distraction’ items accessible

Flights can seem long and laborious of adults so imagine what they feel like for babies and young children. Help fight the boredom of being sat on a plane for hours by taking plenty of ‘distraction’ items. From colouring books, toy cars and stickers, to healthy snacks such as raisins, nuts and cereal bars, they will help distract young children and keep the boredom at bay.

Take something to suck

Babies and toddlers are often as ‘good as gold’ throughout a flight until the plane starts to make its descent. The pressure that builds up in the cabin as an airplane descends can cause our ears to hurt, and for a baby or toddler, the pain can be extremely acute. Taking something for your child to suck, such as a lolly pop or a pacifier can help to diminish the pain in their ears.