Amniotic leak detection panty liners

If ever there was a perfect time and context to be pregnant, the year 2013 is assuredly it. Historically, pregnancy hasn’t always gone down all that well for women; sanitation was a tad… rubbish and there was no such thing as an epidural or ‘save the day’ medicine, equipment or procedure.

How times have changed…. We live in an age of amniotic leak detection panty liners. No joke!

The Amniotic Leak Detector (ALD) by Vision is an in vitro self-test that is intended to detect probable leaking amniotic fluid and identify the cause of wetness during pregnancy.

In what type of situation might it help to use an ALD?

  • When encountering unidentified wetness
  • To determine when waters have broken (so after 36 weeks-ish)
  • After amniocentesis

Why an ALD is useful? Early detection of amniotic fluid leakage can help to:

  • Prevent the risk of infection from mother to baby.
  • Prevent complications or premature birth.
  • Identify a possible membrane rupture, especially after amniocentesis.
  • Confirm that waters have broken so that the mum-to-be can arrive at the hospital in time for a safe delivery.

The test contains a panty liner with an inbuilt indicator strip which is used like a regular panty liner. It tells the difference between urine and amniotic fluid by detecting elevated pH levels; a pH level greater than 5 will stain the indicator strip a blue-green colour to indicate a possible amniotic leak.

Like I said…

Times sure have changed!

To purchase the Amniotic Leak Detector (ALD), CLICK HERE.