Annabel Karmel’s feeding your baby and toddler app

Imagine having Annabel Karmel as your personal feeding advisor… Imagine if you could access her delicious recipes and effective ‘fussy eating’ ideas at any time your heart so desired… Life would be just that much easier, wouldn’t it? The good news is; you totally can! AK has launched an app that provides all you need to know when it comes to feeding babies & toddlers

annabel karmel feeding your baby and toddler

The app includes 200 easy-to-follow recipes, which means you’ll never be stuck for tasty, nutritious meals for your little one whether they are weaning or on their feet. Users also have access to video demonstrations; step-by-step instructions; handy cooking tips; ‘My Planner’, which allows users to organise meals for the week ahead; an easy-to-use Notes function to customise recipe sections; and an interactive speaker application, making cooking in the kitchen even easier.

Another feature is exclusive video content from The Essential Baby Care Guide, advising on everything from teething and reflux, to developing hand-eye coordination and sleep.

The cool thing about Annabel Karmel’s meals is that they are suitable for the whole family, so really, the app is like a 2-in-1 meal planner. Visit iTunes to download.