Antenatal classes for dads

Sometimes dads get the short end of the stick when it comes to the whole pregnancy deal. They aren’t physically carrying the baby, so the reality of the baby might take a while to set in.

And often times men want to be involved but aren’t really sure what to do – and you, as first time mum to be, might not even be sure what you need from your partner.

So poor dad is left with the best intentions… and that’s about it.

This is where DaddyNatal comes in. DaddyNatal offers antenatal classes by men for men. The programme was created by a dad in response to his experiences becoming a father for the first time. He (Dean Beaumont) says:

“I felt I was prepared for the birth of my son, had read the books and been to the childbirth classes, but after the birth of my son, I realised I had not been prepared, and felt I had let my partner down. What I realised is that childbirth education is tailored to women, and actually, that there was very little information for men, tailored for men, as they prepare for their role in birth and beyond. The birth partner has a massive influence on labour, and can affect how long it lasts, how painful it is, and whether interventions are needed or used.”

I imagine that DaddyNatal allows dads to be able to ‘keep it real’ – vent their feelings and fears – with other guys who will understand and empathise.

Sometimes guys just need some ‘guy time’, where they get together with other men and just…be men. You know what I mean? – To talk and joke about stuff and not be awkward about it, and to learn from the experience of others who have also been trained in childbirth education.

DaddyNatal sounds like a genius idea to me!

DaddyNatal offers New Dads classes (for dad and baby) as well as antenatal classes (for dads only).

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