Are ‘Baby on Board’ signs useful?

I’ve been thinking about a ‘Baby on Board’ sign for my car – mainly because I got a free one in a magazine ages ago and found it buried in a draw the other day – but I’m not sure if it’s worth the effort?

Firstly; a child is only a baby for about a year, and my baby is nearly ten months old – three months of sign doesn’t seem all that worth it. Secondly; does it actually improve safety?

In a survey by it was revealed that of the 37% of parents who have displayed a ‘Baby on Board’ sign (either currently or in the past), 80 per cent of the parents think they improve safety.

Baby on Board’ signs are helpful at the scene of a crash – alerting emergency services to the fact that there’s a child involved. But this help can become a hindrance if drivers display signs when their child isn’t in the vehicle.

Another negative; 46 per cent of drivers who have used a ‘Baby on Board’ sign say that it obscures vision when driving.

There’s also – less importantly – the ‘cool factor’; 14 per cent of parents with under-16s think ‘Baby on Board’ signs are not trendy and 33 per cent of drivers think the signs are ‘tacky’.

And 4 per cent of you are like me; only displayed the sign because you received it as a gift.

What I find interesting about the whole ‘Baby on Board’ thing is that surelythe value of life transcends age. We should drive carefully no matter who is in a car!